Me catching feelings for bae

I’ve daydreamed one too many times about this boy I shouldn’t like

He’s tiny and scrawny and plays baseball

And of course, he’s white

He’s not really that cute,

or really smart at all,

but he makes me feel pretty bubbly

I laugh nonstop and

cry a lot every time

that he is with me

I’ve daydreamed two too many times about this boy I shouldn’t like

He’s short, with light hair

And it’s unfair,

because he’s so polite

He’s not all that great

There may be no happiness

No cheering

And no hooray

Because again, I’ve caught feelings

For bae



10 reasons to hate myself

1. I’m overly emotional
2. I’m not likable
3. I cry too much at movies where other people would cry at all
4. I’m not skinny enough
5. My feet are always cold
6. I push people away
7. I can never find people to hang out with because I have like 3 friends
8. I made an attention-seeking blog. Which was brutally pointed out by someone who hated me so much they destroyed my happiness. Like at a point where I was happy, it was gone in around 11 seconds.
9. I’m never happy
10. 14 years of this lameness (except I guess no one really can relate to what it is I’m talking about)

Favorite Lyrics from Journals

“Any chance that you could stay right here? And never go away?” – Heartbreaker
I like this lyric because it makes me feel like other people have the feeling of loneliness. And not wanting to let go.

“Oh oh I’m grateful for your existence.” – All That Matters
All I can think of is the fact that I have thought this over and over and I cannot stop connecting it to people I like. Or person I liked anyway.

“Something like a zip lock, but a lip lock. Want you wrapped ’round my arm like a wrist watch.” – Hold Tight
I don’t even know what it is. It’s so good. This song is pretty seductive except kind of on the girls part.

“First I’ll acknowledge. Your trust has been broken now. A successful recovery. I pray for us at night.” – Recovery
Broken trust is what really makes this a good lyric for me. Its like I’ve actually prayed for broken trust.

“Didn’t waste any time. Like you had already made up your mind. No sympathy.” – Bad Day
I like the idea of someone having no sympathy.

“Perfect. Ain’t saying that I am. Proven. At least I’m provin’ that I give a damn.” – All Bad
I like it because he says “damn.” Not even gonna lie here.

I don’t like PYD at all. It’s slow and overly sexual.

“Lonely memories. Wish I had the key to your heart.” – Roller Coaster
I’ve never heard a more accurate description of February of my 8th grade year.

“I’d go out of my way to live by the words that you say.” – Change Me
I’ve never heard a more accurate description of me when I like someone.

My favorite song of the album:
“Nasty but she fancy. Lipstick on my satin sheets.”
“I think she foreign. Think she foreign. Got passports. Mi amor started slow. Got faster.” – Confident
My gosh I love everything about this song. It’s how he sings it and how it’s so beautiful and how his voice sounds and how I am in love with him.

“Tell me what you want, let’s keep it gangsta. Tell me who created you, I’d thank her.” – One Life
Once you hear him say gangsta, it’s over.

“Stay in my backpack forever.” – Backpack
I don’t have any idea what he was talking about at all. What backpack? Are we Dora?

“We just need forgiveness baby, lemme give the business. I just, I just wanna give it to you.”
“Girl you my blessin’, with you undressin’.” – What’s Hatnin’
The openly sexual part of this song is what makes me like these lyrics. Like he can’t hide what he’s saying anymore.

“You ain’t gotta rush. But you ain’t gotta stop it.” – Swap It Out
I’m hearing him saying “no pressure. Only do what you’re comfortable with.” But also, “take it off.”

“I’d like to give what you need.”
“If you spend the night, baby it could be heaven.” – Memphis
The first lyric is so nice how he sings it. And the second is so suggestive but it’s sweet. Like at the same time he’s saying they would be amazing together. But if she doesn’t spend that night, what does that mean?